Dora Holzhandler

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Dora Holzhandler was born in Paris in 1928. She and her family were Jewish refugees fostered with a Polish farming family. She studied literature at the Sorbonne and art at La Grande Chaumiere. Her artworks are part of several Private Collections, such as those of Charlie Chaplin, Vincent Price and Edna O’Brien.  

Solo Exhibitions

1960 Chenil Gallery, London, England

1962 Portal Gallery, London, England

1971 Langton Gallery, London England

1973 Langton Gallery, London England

1976 Langton Gallery, London England

1977 Langton Gallery, London England

1980 Crane Arts, London, England

1985 Crane Kalman Gallery, London, England

Beaux Arts, Bath, England

Graham Modern Gallery, New York, USA

1987 Rona Gallery, London, England

1989 Rona Gallery, London, England

1990 Beaux Arts, Bath, England

Rona Gallery, London, England

1991 Holland Gallery, London, England

1992 The Sternberg Centre, London, England

Rona Gallery, London, England

Bowmoore Gallery, London, England

1993 Holland Gallery, London, England

Rebbeca Hossack Gallery, London, England

1994 Jewish Museum, Manchester, England

Rona Gallery, London, England

1996 Beaux Arts, Bath, England

Piano Noble, London, England

1997 Rona Gallery, London, England
           Piano Nobile, London, England
1998 Judy Saslow Gallery, Chicago, USA

1999 “Angels and Demons”, Jewish Museum, London, England

           “Godesses, Lovers, and Rabbis”, Piano Nobile, London, England

2001 “New Paintings and Works on Paper”, gallery?, city?, country?


Group Exhibitions

1949 “Young Contemporaries”, RBA Galleries, London, England

1954 Beaux Arts Gallery, London, England

1958 John Moores Exhibiton, Liverpool, England

1967 Grosvenor Gallery, London, England

1972 Municipal Art Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

1976 Galerie de Beerenburght, Eck en Wiel, The Netherlands

1977 London University

1979 Royal Festival Hall, London, England

1984 Royal Festival Hall, London, England

1986 Musee Municipal Carcassonne, Carcassonne, France

Galerie Paul Valery, Sete, France

Galerie de Salles, Nimes, France

Musee Fabre, Montpellier, France

1987 Galerie Antoinette, Paris, France

1996 Boundary Gallery, London, England

1997 Royal Scottish Museum, Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

1998   Outsider Art exhibition at Orleans House, Richmond, England



Public Collections

Brighton Art Gallery and Museum, England

Musee d’Art Naif Anatole Kakovsky, Nice, France

The Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow, Scotland

The Museum of Art, Haifa, Israel

The Museum of London, England

The Nuffield Foundation, England

The St. Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art, Glasgow, Scotland

The Sternberg Centre, London, England

The Ben Uri Art Collection, London, Enlgand



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