Valeria Tofan


Valeria Tofan was born in 1950 in Ranzesti Vaslui, Romania. She studied at the Technical school of Laboratory assistants in Armasesti-Urziceni from 1964-1966 and then worked as a laboratory assistant. In 1978 she attended the Popular Art School of Galati. From 1983-1986 she studied at the Popular School of Art in Galatz under the guidance of Gheorge Andreescu and Eugen Holban. She currently lives in Budapest. 


Solo Exhibitions

1985 Galati

1999 Budapest

South Korea


Group Exhibitions

1983 Galatic

1990 Budapest

Timisoana, Romania

Iasi, Romania



1996 Pro Arte Kasper Gallery, Morges, Switzerland

2005 “Shades of Contrasting Cultures”, GINA Gallery of International Naïve Art, Tel Aviv