Oscar Eduardo Peren


Oscar Eduardo Peren was born in 1950 in San Juan Comalapa, Guatemala. He is one of the leading painters of the “Comalapa School”. He paints in the Kaqchicel Community (constituting 96% of the population). Comalapa School is known for organization, placement and relation of figures; geometric design, a sense of balance; often bands of figures in processions, parades, funerals and celebrations. Legends and his father’s story-telling inspired Oscar Peren from an early age. He is self taught; he creates subjects out of proportion and has transmitted his artistic knowledge to his sons and daughters.


Group Exhibitions

1981 Hotel Ritz Continental, Guatemala

1982 Hotel Bristol Panajachel, Guatemala

Parque de la Industria, Guatemala

1983 Club Italiano, Guatemala

INACOP Guatemala

1984 Bienal de Arte Paiz, Guatemala

Hotel Ramada Antigua, Guatemala

Ixchel Museum, Guatemala

1985 Capital Center, Guatemala

1986 Inguat, Guatemala

1987 Cultural Center, Antigua, Guatemala

Ixchel Museum, Guatemala

15 de Septiembre, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala,

1988 Art Bienal Paiz, Guatemala

Inguat de Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Facultad de Derecho, Usac, Guatemala

Rafael Landivar University, Guatemala

Cultural Center, Antigua, Guatemala

15 de Septiembre, Mega Centro, Guatemala

1990 Musac, Guatemala

VII Art Bienal Paiz, Guatemala

Los Capitanes Palace, Antigua Guatemala

Hotel Dona Luisa, Antigua, Guatemala

Ixchel Museum, Guatemala

Dorado Americano, Guatemala

1991 CECMA, Antigua, Guatemala

Cendec, Chimaltenango, Guatemala

Santa Clara Convent, Antigua, Guatemala

Gallery of Integrated Art, Los Nazarenos, Guatemala

1992 VIII Bienal de Arte Paiz, Guatemala

Musaic, Guatemala

VII Festival Hispano- Guatemalteco de Arte y Cultura,Guatemala

XXV Anniversary of the French Experimental Institute Julio Verne, Guatemala

1994 El Dzunun Art Gallery, Guatemala

Santiago de los C Guatemala aballeros Museum, Antigua, Guatemala,

Chimaltenengo, Guatemala

1995 3rd Biennale Paiz, Guatemala

1996 4th Biennale Paiz, Guatemala

Participacion con obras en viaje del Presidente Vinicio Cerezo a Europa

Participaciones con obras en viaje a USA, Asociacion Guatemalteca de Rehabilitacion de Lisiados

2006 “Magic Mountains, Mystic Valleys”, GINA Gallery of International Naïve Art, Tel Aviv



1985 2nd Radio Ciros: Concurso Dia del Padre

1988 1st Prize, Representation of Guatemala, Germany

1989 Seleccionado para Exposicion Itinerante, Museum of Contemporary Art Paiz

1994 Utan Granser Swedish Cooperative Center