Maria Teodora Chavajay

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Maria Teodora Chavajay is the wife of Matias Gonzalez Chavajay. Matias is one of three Tz’utuhil Maya painters who gained fame in Guatemala as “Los Hermanos Gonzalez Chavajay”.

In circa 1990 Matias decided to take a different course with his painting career and taught his wife Maria Teodora to paint. Together they began a production line producing miniature paintings for sale to the tourist market in Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala. They earned enough money to build a three story house in San Pedro la Laguna.

Maria Teodora is the second woman Tz’utuhil Maya painter, the first being her sister-in-law Vicenta Puzul de Gonzalez, the wife of Mariano Gonzalez Chavajay.


Public Collections

Arte Maya Tz’utuhil Collection, Guatemala