Aimo Katajainen

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Aimo Katajainen is a self-taught artist. He was born in 1948 in Valkeala, Finland. In 1964 he moved to Kouvala, Finland. He studied Economics and worked as a professional social worker at an alchoholic clinic. He began his artistic career in 1965.

Solo Exhibitions

1997 Ylakerta Gallery, Kotka, Finland

1999 Kouvala Public Library, Kouvala, Finland

2000 Summer Gallery, Piika Renki, Elimaki, Finland

2002 Iitin Kirkonkylan Kesakahvila, Finland

Centre d’affaires et de Congres, Mescoat, France

Moision Kartano Gallery, Elimaki, Finland

2003 Galerie d’Art “Le Soleil”, Brest, France

Kustaan Gallery, Valkeala. Finland

2006 Kustaan Gallery, Valkeala. Finland


Group Exhibitions

2000 Piika ja Renki, Elimaki, Finland

2002 Iitin Kirkonkylan Kesakahvila, Finland

2004 Museum of the Americas, Miami, USA

2006 Galeria Eboli, Madrid

Chapelle Saint-Augustin, Flayosc, France

Kouvolan Taidemuseo, Kouvola, Finland

2007 Salon International d’Art Naif a Neuilly-Plaisance, France

Ruka Kuusamo, Finland

Ferrara Castello Estense, Italy

Galeria Eboli, Madrid

2008 Salle du Carre a la Farine, Versailles, France

Ruka, Finland

Festival Mondial d’Art Naif, Verneuil-sur-Avre, France

St. Jernier, France

Galeria Eboli, Madrid

Biennale d’Art Naif d’Andresy, Andresy, France

GINA Gallery of International Naïve Art, Tel Aviv, Israel

2009 “Groupe International Des Primitifs Modernes Dits Naifs”, Paris, France



“L’Europe et les Naifs”, Jaqueline Bricard, 2009, France