Edmundo Otoniel Mejia

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Edmundo Otoniel Mejia was born in 1950 Born in San Salvador, El Salvador. A self-taught artist, he began his artistic career in 1970. He worked in the coffee fields for 14 years, managing the collection and distribution of coffee in El Salvador. His parents lived on a coffee plantation, and these connections influenced the influence off coffee in his paintings.

Solo Exhibitions

Xxxx 1-2-3 Gallery, San Salvador

Xxxx Gallery of Contemporary Art, Guatemala

Xxxx Matiz Gallery, Costa Rica

Xxxx Imagen Gallery, Panama

Xxxx Embassy Gallery, Miami, Florida, USA

Xxxx Salvadoran Cultural Center, New York


Group Exhibitions

Xxxx Espacio Gallery, El Salvador

Xxxx Nacional Gallery, El Salvador

Xxxx Patronato Pro-Patrimonio Cultural Center, El Salvador

Xxxx Cultural Center of Mexico, El Salvador

Xxxx El Tunel Gallery, Guatemala

Xxxx Forum Gallery, Guatemala

Xxxx Antigua Gallery, Guatemala

Xxxx Portales Gallery, Honduras

Xxxx Antico Gallery, Honduras

Xxxx Genesis Gallery, Nicaragua

Xxxx Bolivarian Museum of Contemporary Art, Colombia

Xxxx Ricardo Gomez Campuzano Museum of Art, Colombia

Xxxx San Angel Museum, Mexico City

Xxxx 10/10 Gallery, Mexico City

Xxxx Tlalpan Museum of House of Culture, Mexico City

Xxxx American Collection Gallery, Miami, Florida, USA

Xxxx Lowe Museum, Miami, Florida, USA

Xxxx Museum of Latin American Modern Art- OEA, Washington, USA

Xxxx Museum of Art, Taiwan

Xxxx Yun Yat Memorial May Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

Xxxx Montana Kooshiung Musuem, Taiwan

Xxxx Latin American Art, Wasshi, Japan

Xxxx Cervantes Cultural Center, Munich

2006 “Magic Mountains, Mystic Valleys”, GINA Gallery of International Naïve Art, Tel Aviv