Bruno Paladin

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Bruno Paladin was born in 1951 in Rijeka, Croatia. He worked on a sailing ship and began his artistic career in 1973. He is a member of the Croatian Association of Naïve Artists, The Croatian Association of Artists and the Croatian Art Community.

Solo Exhibitions

1976 xxxx, Croatia

1997 Klovic Gallery, Croatia


Group Exhibitions

1987 “Naivi ‘87”, Gallery of Primitive Art, Gallery of Contemporary Art, Museum of Sculpture of the Yugoslav Academy Art and Science, Zagreb

1990 “Brick in ‘Earth’ Group”, Modern Gallery, Zagreb

2000 Fonticus Gallery, Groznjan, Croatia

2003 “Art without Frontiers” International Workshop-Symposium 2003, Oberwollanig, Austria

“Art for Peace”, United Nations of the Art Academy, Trieste, Italy

2004 “Border Crosser” (GRENZGÄNGER), Galerie Freihausgasse Villach, Austria

International Museum of Naïve Art, France

Sala Civica di Palazzo Locatelli, Via Matteotti, Italy

2005 “Shades of Contrasting Cultures”, GINA Gallery of International Naïve Art, Tel Aviv



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