Tango by Liliana Grunbaum


By: Liliana Grunbaum
Lovers by Barbara Rochlitz


By: Barbara Rochlitz
The Meeting by Fernando De Angelis

The Meeting

By: Fernando de Angelis
Our Special Day by Beatriz Orosco

Our Special Day

By: Beatriz Orosco
The Lovers by Giovanni Galli

The Lovers

By: Giovanni Galli
Puppy Love by Raija Nokkala

Puppy Love

By: Raija Nokkala
The Summer Wedding by Martine Clouet

The Summer Wedding

By: Martine Clouet
Country Wedding by Jorgelina Flores

Country Wedding

By: Jorgelina Flores
Hand-in-Hand by Rachel Knopp


By: Rachel Knopp

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Thursday, February 27, 2014 - 12:19 | nirel

No matter where you are in the world, whether it be in the busy streets of Chicago or the sacred Maori shores of New Zealand, you will hear the locals tell a story of creation. And, almost every tale that describes the beginning of time and the beginning of this world, speaks about a giant flood that swept across the land, wiping out the bad and saving the good. In ancient Judeo-Christian–Islamic scriptures, this good guy is known as Noah, and his ark is the reason why we are all here today.

Noah’s story is so rich with adventure, animals, nature and life, that Naïve artists around the world have consistently chosen his story as the subject of their paintings. So many scenes of Noah and the flood have been painted, that the story can be pieced together through these paintings alone.